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February 19, 2018
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And we can tell you WhySlow?
Why Slow? Monitoring - How does it work?
What can we say, we like bots! And we have created a few nice bots to do your dirty work. We get the bots to surf the web like your users would. And we keep a tidy historical performance trail for every component on your website. Sure we can tell you Why your Website is Slow now.... But we can also tell you why it was slow two weeks ago.

And we keep your aggregate performance data going back 2 months.

But, Why should I be so excited?
You don't have your own little server do you? Maybe...maybe not. And do you know all of the processes on your servers? Are you using third party hosting? What about 3rd party web widgets? How are you going to pin point who or what is slowing your website down? Need help correlating cron jobs?

Why should you be so excited? Because we have built a nice little user experience tracking system. And we really don't charge that much. Finding a good ROI is always exciting isn't it? Just compare the cost of our service to that of an engineer creating a similar application in-house.

Be excited that we will help make sure the point of your performance tracking is making your website faster.

We can do the grunt work for you. You can focus on your website.
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- Worldwide Monitoring Stations
- Variable Monitoring Frequencies
- Alerts by Email or SMS
- Full Range of Monitoring ports
- No Software to Maintain / Install
- Uptime & Performance Stats
- Detailed Email Reports
- Lifetime Stats History
- WebPage/Link Check
- Multiple Public Statistics
- More features »
Multiple monitoring stations check the availability of your website at specified intervals... read more »
30 day money back guarantee
Unconditional 30-day money back guarantee. If you are dissatisfied with the service, you will receive a full refund read more »
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